Moving South frica

If you are moving house within South Africa and require furniture removals SA-based Furniture Movers can offer over 30 years of experience and professionalism to help your move go smoothly. We are here to help

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We Are Here To Help

Conducting furniture removals yourself can be quite easy if you have a large vehicle and only need to move a few items. When you need to move a 3 seater sofa or 10 chairs then you need help

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Book You Move Today

Simply schedule your furniture removal appointment online or by calling us today. Our friendly, uniformed furniture removal team will call you back within the hour. Speak to us. We will also help you pack all your goods

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Professional Furniture Removal Service

If you’re moving a sideboard and an entire dining room you’re going to need a different level of service than if you needed a few chairs and a chest of draws removed. There are a couple of ways to go about furniture removals, each with differing levels of assistance provided. Room to room removals: A full service furniture transport company will help you through the entire process. From navigating your corridors to loading the van and putting your furniture in its new home you’ll receive a lot of assistance. These services might also help with preparations for transport. Make sure to communicate with any service to confirm what level of support they offer. There are a few steps you can take to get your drawers or sofas ready for transit: Clean up: Dusting and polishing your wooden goods can help you note any damage there already is, and also makes any potential damage incurred in transport more obvious. Secure: Things with moving parts should either be disassembled or made secure. Drawers should either be fixed shut or transported separately. Doors on wardrobes etc. should be taken off or fastened closed.

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