Household storage

Are you in need of safe storage? Or moving between houses or cities? Are you trying to remove the clutter in your home or even expanding your business? Have the dates for your intended move been changed? Whatever the reason, we can offer safe and reliable storage facilities across Johannesburg, Durban, Capetown and their surrounding areas as well internationally through their alliances with their international agents.

Our services range from storage of boxes, furniture, big or small and over long and short term contracts. All stored items are kept in kiln-dried, rodent- free modular wooden pallets that are compliant with ISO 7000 standards and have 24/7 security. We are happy to store anything that you ask for because if it’s valuable to you it’s valuable to us! We will cater for your needs by being flexible as to how and when you can access your items and we will store them in the most secure and cost effective storage facilities to preserve them for you. Our staffs are available to load the items to be stored for you saving you the labour and time as well as packing your items safely for you.

Our range of packaging materials, boxes, cartons and wraps is also available at our storage facilities at affordable prices to ensure that your items are protected while in storage. If you would want to package the items yourself, the packaging material can be delivered to your door before the move.

Contact us and we will gladly assist you with storage space for all your house goods as well as office equipment. We can give you an obligation free quote and would also be happy to offer expert removal services to take your items to be stored to our storage facilities.